It’s a matter of course for a financial company, right?

The Corona distance phase is down these days

There’s a lot of people on the street again

There’s a limit on going out, and then I’m released

I think we’re getting a lot more people

Step again if it a little flows to the dichotomous state

I think I’m going up

The restrictions are that small business owners and business owners

It’s so powerful, and I’m just saying

to the state of national disaster

So considering a lot of things

I’m not sure the government is going to be

I often think

Come on, after this is over, everyone

I hope you find your place

So we’re going to start posting today

Today, I’m going to tell you

I’d like to explain

Nowadays, the Internet is developing

You can collect a lot of information with a single search

It’s very hard to determine if it’s accurate

It’s true

So you’re not sure if you’re thinking

to correct the parts and to guide you to the right information

I’ve brought it here with me

Most of the articles show that you can see

I’m going to spin around with some things I don’t understand

It’s on the list

I will send you a fact in a cool way

For now, I’m going to need to explain

We need an understanding of the product called Reese

What is Reese?

Lease simply explains that the financial company is replacing the customer

It’s a simple lease that you rent after you buy a vehicle

You can see it

So it’s like buying a loan, isn’t it?

Is it like a regular installment?

I think you’ll be wondering

I’m gonna borrow money from a private loan

and a system for generating installments and paying in installments

We have something in common

That the name is himself.

I’m not sure I’m gonna buy a car

and you’re going to be held for property

If you are a general worker,

It may not matter, but
If you have a business operator,

The tax increase will be inevitable due to the increase in property

The vehicle in the picture is a Porsche 911 Carrera model

The price of a mint-class used car is about 13 ~ 40 million won

in the purchase of the used car cash or installment this vehicles

as well as a property tax increase

You’ll have to pay an additional 18 to 200,000 won per month

If you own a vehicle for four to five years

You have to pay an additional tax of 10 million won or more

If you use it as a lease, the name will become a financial company

Contractors will not be caught as property because they become users

You don’t have to take unnecessary tax risks.

In addition, the cost of the book is up to 15 million won per year

You can even get tax breaks because it’s possible
It’s a vehicle financial product for business people

You have a lot of benefits to see, right?

as to the license plate, the general license plate is attached

You can feel the same ownership as the car

in many ways, there are many benefits

A product called Reese!

To be honest, the average worker

You don’t have to use it

Because there’s no big merit

I want to own an imported car, but the new car

I’m sure the customers of the business

You can use it as a secondhand lease

I’m not sure what else is wrong.

An advantageous way to proceed if you can tell me the conditions

I’ll give you feedback !

There are many benefits of imported used carless, but it’s merit

It’s not a new car, so it’s a big burden

I think

If the imported vehicle is wrong, the repair cost

It’s because there are surprisingly many cases

Lease is not a product that must be acquired unconditionally

You can choose to return and take over at the time of contract expiration

Therefore, if you return it,

The financial company will have risks

So I don’t know what kind of vehicle it is

I don’t think you can do it.

So if you want to run it as a secondhand lease

Some conditions must be established

in a vehicle with an average condition of less than five years

A vehicle over 100,000 keys is not going to be able to proceed

These conditions vary from financial company to financial company

to the vehicle you want to ask

You have to tell me if you want to run the vehicle

A BOLO is available
It is registered on the computer including the registration certificate and performance paper insurance history etc

I’m going to need to know how to track

and the progress is determined

The vehicles that are really in trouble are primarily

You can see it filtered

I’m gonna give you a guide to this sorted vehicle

When the customer’s decision is completed,

I’m gonna go out with you and get the car

or you’re in a remote area

If it is difficult to visit because there is no time

I’m not sure if I have any problems with basic inspections and manipulations

I’m going to take a picture and video

I’m attaching it to you, so you don’t have to worry too much

I can sort out the vehicle, but, uh,

You’re gonna have to think about one thing

It’s an approval

Imported used car leases are financial products

Limit check is required

I’m gonna have to pay the vehicle price for tens of millions of won

It’s a matter of course for a financial company, right?

The credit of the customer the vehicle wants to use,

Review income, debt ratio, etc.and calculate the result value

I’ll tell you the simplest way

Inquiry – Vehicle Counseling – 88카 Vehicle Appointment – Review – Vehicle Final Inspection – Contract – India

This is the order

I’m not sure if you want to know about the documents or other questions

If you would like to contact us in a comfortable way, we will explain in detail

I would like to contact you with a lot of imported used car rentals!

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